Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments

Ministry of Labour and Employment
Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

General Indications of Labour Laws

  • Every worker shall be given a letter of appointment

  • One (01) day weekly holiday in factories and one and half a day weekly holiday in shops and commercial establishments shall be ensured

  • The minimum wages declared by the Government for the workers in different sectors shall be followed

  • The wages of every workers shall be paid before the expiry of the seventh day of the wage period in respect of which the wages are payable

  • Approval  of plan of a new factory construction or expansion and the modification of factory building shall be taken from the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments

  • Factory registration and licence shall be taken from the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments

  • Every factory shall be provided with at least one emergency alternative connection stairway with each floor  to avoid various accidents specially fire related accidents in Factories.

  • Fire-fighting equipments  shall be kept in every rooms

  • At the time of working, all the gates along with the exit shall be kept open

  • All the stairways and passages shall be clear of all obstructions

  • At least one fire drill  shall be arranged in every six  months in the factory

  • Hygienic  environment shall be ensured at the work place

  • Personal protective equipments (PPE), in due cases, must be used

  • Workers  working with risky chemicals shall be undergone regular medical check-up

  • Workers  shall be given their due casual, sick, annual and festival leave

  • Women workers, in due cases,  shall be given maternity leave and benefit

  • No child  under fourteen (14) shall be employed or allowed to work  in any  factory

  •  workers  shall be engaged in work for two more hours(overtime) than the prescribed hours in any day and the workers will get overtime at the rate of twice of his average  basic wage

  • Violating labour laws is legally a punishable offence


Md. Shamsuzzaman Bhuiyan
Additional Inspector General (Additional Secretary)
Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments
BFDC Commercial Complex, 23-24 Karwan Bazar (2nd & 3rd floor), Dhaka 1215

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